Why Prep?

There are a 101 reasons why people in the UK prep some are a bit "out there" but the vast majority of us are prepping for realistic situations than many of us have already experienced at least once in our lifetime, some of us more than once - things like:

  • Extended Power Outages

  • Unexpected Unemployment

  • Floods and Adverse Weather

  • Poor Health and Injury

  • Food Shortage

  • Water Contamination


We all drive around with a spare wheel in the car, or a "just in case" credit card. But what for? - Answer... JUST IN CASE!!

Everyone already preps whether they realise it or not. Home and contents insurance is prepping, life insurance is prepping, your pension is prepping! We are simply preparing for other things that concern us, and are putting luck back into our own hands. In a crisis situation this will also free up resources for people that actually need them by not giving aid workers another victim. 

They say "Fortune favours the brave".... That's wrong!


When people hear the term "Prepper" they think we're all sat around in tin foil hats awaiting the apocalypse or the end of the world, and that's simply not the case, sure there are a select few that might be, but the vast majority of us simply don't want to see our families go hungry and thirsty if we experience a flood, or go cold and hungry if the motorways are closed due to heavy snow and we are stuck in our cars for 12 hours. Some don't want to struggle if they have an accident which means they can't work for a few weeks. All things that thousands of people in this country experience every year.


There are lots of things you can do to feel better prepared, how prepared you want to be is up to you, but here at Paladin we are here to help, and if you can't find what you need on the website, get in touch or join our Facebook community full of like minded people.

Why Prep in the UK