Who are Paladin??


Jay has been a prepper & survivalist for close to 13 years. With a background as a police officer and 15 years worth of survival and scouting experience, Jay brings a unique voice and skill set to Paladin. Always happy to answer questions and give advice, this gentle giant, is always focused on the people around him. For him, the Paladin Community is at the centre of his efforts, promoting learning and changing the public perception of prepping.


Wes has been a prepper and avid bushcrafter for over 10 years, having completed a number of survival training courses with some of the most reputable bushcraft instructors and companies in the UK. During his spare time he spends as much time outdoors as possible, whether camping, hiking,  bushcrafting or honing and learning new skills.


Scott lives to be outside and is never happier that when he's in the woods. Having spent a number of years unable to camp due to back problems, he is now a passionate hammock camper and enjoying life outdoors once again.

Scotts main skill sets are woodwork and leatherwork, and though he would consider himself more bushcrafter than prepper, since meeting the Paladin Team he very much prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.


Sarzie brings a logical and methodical approach to prepping. Her interests are more towards healing and natural medical applications. She brings a much needed female view to the team and has taken part in several of our live-streams to discuss prepping in general and to promote female prepping issues.