What we do!

Outreach and Education 

One of Paladin's key goals is to combat the negative stereotypes of Preppers and Survivalists currently being portrayed in the media.  We conduct community outreach talks and projects, explaining the benefits of being prepared for potential issues or disasters.  Prepper and Survival skills are easy to learn and could benefit you if the need every arose.

Community and Network

In any survival situation its key to maintain strong links and communication with like minded people.  Our private, referral only, network plans for the worse situations across the UK and beyond.  Giving guidance and support to members 24/7, through any issue or disaster.

Training and Events

Paladin looks to facilitate Survival and Preparedness training, with qualified independent instructors, to source the highest level of training at the best price.  We also host social events, internal training events as well as simulated survival situations, to test your skills in a safe environment.