Bug Out Vehicle - B.O.V


A bug out vehicle is an important part of your preps, you need to rely on it potentially at a moment when your life could depend on it. Everyone's requirement and what they need from their B.O.V will vary from person to person, as such there is no definitive answer to the question; "What should I chose for my B.O.V?".


Before choosing your B.O.V, you need to understand what you will be using it for, how far you will need to travel, type of terrain you will be covering, how much you will be carrying, how many people will be travelling in the vehicle. Once you have an answer to these you will be in a much better position to begin looking for the vehicle that best suits you and your needs.

Our personal recommendation would be a 4x4 of some kind, whether you chose a Land Rover, Mitsubishi L200, Range Rover or Jeep that is up to you, but you will find that compared to other standard road vehicles they are capable of covering various terrains, they are hard wearing, have better suspension, allow for heavier loads, have large boot storage, and in many cases are easier to fix and maintain.


Whatever you chose, one thing that everyone agrees on is that your vehicle should be well maintained, this means fixing any faults as they occur and not leaving them, getting a yearly service, making sure all fluids are topped up (everything from washer fluid, to coolant and oil). Nobody has any idea when they may need to use their B.O.V for the reason they bought it, so it makes sense that it is kept in tip top shape. Alongside this we would also suggest that you always keep the vehicle at least half full with fuel, we've all experienced fuel shortages and that will only be worse if everyone is trying to leave town.


As preppers I am sure that whatever you drive you have a car kit suitable for whatever type of weather you are travelling in, and as many people will be using their B.O.V for daily use, then this vehicle should be no different. Make sure you have the following as a minimum in the B.O.V.

  • Jump Leads

  • Tow Rope

  • De-Icer

  • Shovel

  • Spare Bulbs

  • Torch

  • Spare tyre (and tyre iron)

  • Wind Up Radio

  • First Aid Kit

  • Road Map (UK)

  • Ponchos

  • Water

  • Food (meals and snacks)

  • Small Stove

  • Something to cook in

  • Blankets

  • Binoculars (optional - but helpful for seeing potential threats before they reach you if stranded or gridlocked)

Of course your car kit can be developed and expanded but we feel this gives you a fantastic base point to start from and should all fit in a decent sized backpack or 30ltr storage box leaving plenty of space for your B.O.B etc (providing you haven't decided on a Citroen Saxo for your Bug Out Vehicle).