Bug Out Bag - B.O.B

A Bug Out Bag is a very personal setup - based on your abilities, training, budget, location and depending on your plan.  This is an immediate level list of items we would look to recommend for one person.  Each topic for you to consider is listed with a couple of suggestions in brackets after them.  These are recommendations - we would suggest considering items that could cover multiple topics as this will reduce the size and weight of the Bug Out Bag.


If you are looking at setting up multiple bags for a family - consider what basic items you need for each person and what items can be used by multiple people.




• Outer Clothes (Coat/Hat/Boots)

• Inter Clothes (Shirt/Trousers)

• Under Clothes (Boxers/Sock)

• Additional Clothes (Belt/Gloves)

• Self-Defense (Blade/Club/Spear)

• Shelter (Tarp/Poncho/Bivvy Bag)

• Bedding (Blanket/Sleeping Bag)



• Signal (Fire/Mirror/Torch/Radio)



• Emergency Water (Min 72hrs pp)

• Water Storage (Bottles/Pouches)

• Water Container (Canteen/Cup)

• Water Purification (Tabs/Liquid/Filter)



• Emergency Food (Min 72hrs pp)

• Fire (Striker/Ferro/Lighter/Match)

• Cooking Stove (Hexi/Crusander)

• Stove Fuel (Gel/Tablets)

• Cooking Equipment (Pots/Plates)



• Carry (Rucksack/Bergen/Pack)

• Knives (3 Knife System S/M/L)

• Bladed Tools (Axe/Hawk/Kukri)

• Multi-Tool (Gerber/Leatherman)

• Lights (Torch/Glow-sticks/Fire)

• Tools (Shovel/Entrenching Tool)

• Cordage (Rope/Paracord/Wire)

• Fishing (Line/Kit/Hooks)

• Navigation (Compass/Map/Intel)

• Comms (Radio/Scanner)

• Books (SAS/Free Food/Survival)


Medical & Hygiene

• First Aid (First Aid/Trauma Kit)

• Medication (Prescribed/OTC)

• Tools (Blade/Stitch/Tourniquet)

• Hygiene (Toothpaste/Brush/Soap)

• Toilet (Paper/Trowel/Shovel)



• Power (Batteries/Solar Charger)

• Sewing Kit (Needle/Thread/Pins)

• Entertainment (Cards/Books)

• Comfort Items (Pictures/Photos)

Bug Out Bag