About Us

Our focus is 2 fold, Public & Private.  On the public side we are passionate about raising the public profile of prepping as well as the general publics overall understanding and opinion of prepping in the UK.  We completely understand when there are programmes such as "Doomsday Preppers" etc why Preppers have such a stigma attached to them, however we don't believe that is a true representation of the prepping community especially in the UK. We feel the majority of people are preparing for more likely events and situations such as flooding, injury, unemployement, power cuts and possible civil unrest as seen with the London riots.


The private side of Paladin is focused around a secure community of like-minded individuals who make up the Paladin "Network". The community members have joined the network for the purpose of sharing information, gaining and providing advice and for mutual support in their plans. We have a strict Op-Sec policy which we will never ask anyone to break if they don't want to, some of our member prefer not to have their details publicised which is completely understandable, however some of our members have formed Mutual Assistance Groups (MAGs) with othes nearby, who have agreed to band together and share skills and resources if a time ever comes when that is required. We understand that prepping is often a solitary activity however we also believe that survival is a community activity. No 1 person can do it all.

We are a non-profit organisation with events and projects self funded or via donations. These events may be regular camps, or themed events aimed at increasing peoples skill sets across a variety of subjects such as Bushcraft, Game Preparation, First Aid, Bug Out Scenarios and we're always looking for more ideas!!

Our services include general online guidance, private 1-2-1 consultation, as well as public seminars about Preparedness and the need for Survival Skills.